Sunday, July 02, 2006

hello everybody,

it has been a long time since my last entry (at least 2 to 3 weeks). and in that time some

some weeks ago i bought myself a digital camera to make photos on my own.
and my first picture i took was my office desk. i share my office with a guy from new zealand and his part looks more tidy than mine does ;)

since end of june the work site has a beach volleyball field. every week now i play on this field. there is a so called sand volleyball league in our company and we play in teams of four.

but i still play 2 on 2 with stefan, another coop from germany. he is the guy with the black shirt on the right.
due to the very stable weather conditions one can play every day for hours. there was no rain since beginning of may.

apart from the sports we also have recurring events like a dinner party. somebody would cook for the others and then we would sit together and play games. especially tabu is very funny. and difficult at the same time. it is not so easy to describe words in another language when vital words for description are taken away. the next people to stage a dinner party are sebastian and me. i think we will cook something chinese or so...really!

last week we went to sixflags waterworld ( in concord, about an hour drive from san jose. that was a lot of fun even though a lot of the rides were closed. the best ones were the halfpipe and the tornado ride. unfortunately, lots of people had the same idea and it took more than half an hour of waiting for each ride. so we got on four rides in about 3 hours. the park also had some disadvantages. there were no real areas where on e could lay down and rest. those areas were mostly in between the rides. the second worst thing was the concrete. it was burning hot. you could barely walk. and you were not supposed to get on the rides with shoes. however the next water park we go to will be raging waters ( in san jose, even if the rides are not that spectacular.

and finally, last week there was a human foosball (or human kicker) tournament at work. i hope everybody knows how a foosball (german: kicker) table looks like. but this time the players were humans on a rope rather than a steel bar. that was a lot of fun.

and by the way, the guy in the middle of the picture witht the grey shirt and jeans is my manager, my direct superior.

so have a lot of fun! we have the july 3rd and july4th off. at least a long weekend!
see you!


At 10:38 AM, Anonymous vish0o said...

Hello Christian, what a nice (and long entry). Which cam you bought? Are you sad missing the world cup atmosphere?


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