Monday, May 15, 2006

tennis and barbacue

hi folks,

usually i write the posts on sunday evening but this time it comes a little bit later. i just couldn't write it in the middle of the night because i didn't feel like it. that has to do with the cold i have caught. that troubled me the whole weekend and will continue to do so for some more days, i think. now you are probably do you get a cold with temperatures of 20 - 30 degree celsius and no rain? i am simply not used to air conditioning. we have an air condidtioning system at work. and i believe that it is set to be pretty cold. but thats not good when you get outside and there are some 30 degrees. then somehow you can catch a cold easily.
does anybody know how to prevent against this? but i can't turn off the air conditioning and i can't lower the temperatures outside. the differences will even be greater in the summer. speaking of temperatures. in the last few days they have risen to almost 30 degree celsius with sunshine all day long. even in the nights 15 - 20 degrees. no rain.
nonetheless i played some tennis with some friends. over here there are public tennis courts and one can use them for free! even in the night one can play because the courts are equipped with lights.
yesterday evening we had a barbacue at a friends house and watched the icehockey game the san jose sharks agains the edmonton oilers. there are the playoffs right now and the sharks started very good. but yesterday they lost again against edmonton. it is some semifinal and they play best out of seven games. that mean whoever wins four games advances to the next round. the other one is out. unfortunately edmonton leads with 3 to 2 games. so they just need to win the next game. too bad, because the sharks won the first two games.
icehockey is pretty big over here. in san jose there is an arena...the hp arena where they can play but for the playoffs you won't get any ticket. they are sold in an instance.
in june there is supposed to be a car race in san jose downtown, like the formula one in monaco. but i don't know which kind of cars will drive there.
so thats it for now...i have to go to work.

have a nice week!!


At 1:01 AM, Anonymous David W. said...

Hallo Christian,

gute Besserung wünsche ich dir. Kenn doch auch die Klimaanlagenerkältungsproblematik von Knut, wenn er auf 15 Grad und volle Stärke stellt :)

Wünsch dir eine angenehme Arbeitswoche. Vielleicht lesen wir uns mal per ICQ.

Greets from Jena


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