Sunday, May 07, 2006

seventh entry

so this is the seventh entry. that means that almost as much weeks have gone by since i arrived. time is moving fast. but probably you all know that.
last week was kind of normal again. the only exceptional event that happened was a health checkup at our cafeteria. everybody could go there and let their blood test on cholesterol and glucose values. other things measured were the body fat and the bloodpressure. additionally everybody could get a massage for maybe 5-10 mins there. i'm not going to disclose any values here...everybody that needs to know knows already :)

so half of the work day was spend on this event. in other words, i didn't work that day too much ;)
today some of the volleyball team i'm playing on wednesdays went to santa cruz again. it took us one and a half hour to get there. the distance is about 25 miles. the road was jammed by traffic. it seemed that whole san jose wanted to go on the boardwalk and to the beach. finally we made it and had some fun on the beach playing beach volleyball. i don't think there are any pictures. the sand there was so hot that i eventually got a blister on the left foot. i never had this before so i can barely walk now. i hope it goes away as fast as it appeared. but i didn't get any sunburn unlike some other people that were pretty red in their faces.

so what is going to happen next week?
on friday we ordered cable tv. and tomorrow the cable guy is supposed to show up. that mean we have to work half a day from home. so at last we will have cable tv at our apartment. the tv itself we already bought some days ago.

maybe i will step up the rate of posting blog entries. but i can't promise anything.


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