Sunday, April 23, 2006

the san andreas fault

what is that?

now probably you are thinking, what does he want to tell me?

just that impossible things might happen.

hello my fellow readers of this blog!

the picture above was taken at our work place. yes, this is a real bat!
it happened to be there. we didn't know how it came into the office. probably the same way the mice come in...

so this little guy was just flying around in the office. of course we had nothing else to do but shoot some pictures :-)

finally, it tried to hide so we set up a box and wanted to catch the bat.

here you can see the box and the little guy who is very afraid of it. he hand on to the papers but finally we managed to get it into the box and brought it outside on the lawn.

finally in freedom again it choose not to fly immediately. instead, it checked the weather and probably couldn't believe to be free again. but after a few minutes the little guy took off...and headed for the next building.

and today we were visiting san andreas ... net the city san andreas in a well known video game but the san andreas fault. probably the most scary thing in the area. the fault is a line in which two continental plates touch each other. in 1906, where san francisco was virtually destroyed, one could actually see how and where the plates moved. a place where one can see and stand on both plates is point reyes. but the problem is...the san andreas fault is not alone...there exists another fault, the hayward fault, that goes right through berkeley and oakland. but today, sunday april 23rd, we visited point reyes though not completely. point reyes lies some miles north of san francisco. it is an island that is on the pacific plate.

here one can see the san andreas fault and its way through north california.

for some more information on point reyes and the san andreas fault, you may look here:

or here:

there are more pictures and a better description of the area. just look for san andreas fault in google ;-)

but first we had to get there. so went to san francisco and took the 101 north over the golden gate bridge again.

this picture is in case anybody wanted to see an original san francisco police department car. when you look at the cars type then it says "police interceptor". what a nice name...

after the golden gate we decided to drive along the pacific coast. so we turned on highway 1. the landscape is really beautiful.

on highway 1 to the pacific coast.

it kind of reminded me of the french provence. steep treeless hills and winding roads.

a look back into the interior.

looks almost like painted.

i can tell you, it was real windy up there. the hill lead directly into the water below. no beach or anything like it.

i told you that this year more rain had fallen than any known year before. this lead to land slides in some areas. in san jose we didn't notice anything but the highway 1 is in a bad shape. have a look at the pictures and the road we were driving:

now you know why they got so much SUVs in the area. when you look left or right on a highway then you're going to look in somebodys wheel house.

here, part of the road was simply gone.

yes, we 've already noticed that...

there were many other singn. at least they put away the earth from the slides.

but finally we were compensated by this beautiful view. we arrived at stinson beach.

the look from the other side.

the atm automat is a automat where you can withdraw money from your bank account.

guess where that is....



stineson beach. alps and the northsea together. a sight that is very odd to me.

finally we arrived at olema, a town on highway 1.

and we arrived at the famous earthquake trail. in this area one could actually see how the earth was ripped apart from the earthquake in 1906 (see the links above for older pictures)

before 1906 sebastian and myself would have been standing togehter side by side on the picture. the earthquake ripped the fence apart. iam standing on the pacific plate and sebastian on the american plate. the rupture occured in direct line from the camera to the blue pole in the background of the picture.

of course, the fence is not the original one but it gives an impression on how far the earth moved at the earthquake. both fence parts are about 5m away.

this is the picture in the other direction.

so having seen the san andreas fault although you can not see it directly we decides to drive along the eastern part of the bay. that means we drove through berkeley and oakland. we crossed the bay over the richmond - san rafael bridge. this is a double layerd bridge. one direction above the othre direction. in our direction we were under the cars that drove into the western direction.

the richmond - san rafael bridge.

we took lots of pictures. all other pictures of this trip that you might want to see are can be found under

see you around.

p.s. yes i will post a picture of my new car....when i got one.


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