Sunday, April 16, 2006

beer and contact lenses

hi everybody,

this week is almost over and some funny things happened. in germany one would say this is unbelievable.
at firs i searched for a store that sells contact lenses. until then i had not known that in order to buy contact lenses one needs a prescription from a doctor. this subscription has to be renewed every year. but at firs i searched google "contact lenses san jose". the almost first link was:
Contact Lens Center
3590 Moorpark Avenue, San Jose, CA 95117.
we decided to drive by and have a look. and then we were suprised by that:

notice the car

i am not joking this is the address of the "contact lens center". the lenses must be some weapon or something.

does that look like contact lenses are sold there? NO of course, not! so we dropped that one.
at some mall we went into a store that sold glasses and there we were told everything about the subscription and so on.

the next days we were working again and earning some money. we had some hope that finally we would get some money by the weekend.

but first we applied for our californian drivers license in san jose. the application itself cost $26. so really cheap compared to germany because after we completed the application we took the written test. it was a good timing because we had the book from the californian department of motor vehicles (dmv) with all the driving rules in it. we both passed the test with one fault. and because i have an old drivers license from new jersey thats expired i don't have to do the driving test. so next week my license should be in the mail.

so you were probably wondering why "beer" is one of the title words. i tell you. one day, i believe it was friday we went into a supermarket called "safeway". there we got a sixpack of budweiser. and at the checkout i waqs asked for my identification (id). normally one would give his californian drivers license or his id with a birth date to the guy at the checkout. i gave him my new jersian drivers license. we bought beer before in a place called "albertsons" and there we had no problems. but at safeway the guy suddenly says "i have to check that because it's laminated, you could have faked that". okay, here we are two 26 year old guys suspected of faking an id. i bet the guy had not seen a drivers license from new jersey for his whole life. he went off and shortly thereafter sebastian wanted to show him his german dl or his german id. but probably they guy would not have taken that too since german ids are laminated too and he probably has no book how they look. finally the guy came back and was excusing himself...all part of the job blabla.
while we were standing and waiting for the guy to come back one of the female employees asked us where we were from. our answer should be clear. she actually wanted to visit germany and see the city of amsterdam. what city? amsterdam? yes, amsterdam and she believed that is in germany. at this time we were in a bad mood and we were laughing at her and told her that amsterdam is a city in the netherlands. she was very embarassed. sebastian almost told her to get ready for the coffee shops....

finally on saturday we got our first paychecks. that is really good because now we can look for a car to buy. this will probably the story in the next entry.

i want to conclude this week with some pictures we took right after sunset from the mountains of the valley.

looking to the west of san jose.

looking almost straight to the north.


At 9:14 AM, Anonymous N4d1n1 said...

Huhu Kitgo,

toller Blog, tolle Bildchen! Dein letzter Eintrag war sehr lustig ... tja Ami's halt! :) Viel Spaß trotzdem noch.

Liebe Grüße aus Deutschland

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