Sunday, April 02, 2006

apartments and san francisco

after you've read a lot about the first days i am now going to tell you how the new apartment we've got looks like.

the first picture shows sebastians room:

the second picture my room:

hello my sweetheart, you're going to be living here when you come and visit me *kiss*

you'll see that we almost have no equipment and furniture in our rooms yet. the matrasses and that stuff we bought at ikea in palo alto.
fortunately the kitchen hardware we don't have to buy as well as the cleaner and dryer.

the kitchen:

and at last our dining and living room. I spare you the sight of our bathrooms ;)

and finally we went to san francisco by train. here at san jose the is a small train called lightrail. in germany one qould say its a "strassenbahn". additionally there is the caltrain. this train run from gilroy (a town south of san jose) to san francisco.

by the first look we thought it was a cattle waggon. the upper level is real limited in space. one larger person would get stuck in the stairs.

without words

one of the stopping points of the caltrain

this is a national guard depot the train drove by. on the left side there is sign probably designed to win new recruits...

a few seconds later....

finally arriving at downtown san francisco. this picture shows just the east of downtown.

when we arrived there and walked into downtown everything was full of cars and the streets were congested.

as you see on the next pictures san francisco is build on hills and the streets are really steep. when you walk on one of these streets then you'll get easily out of breath.

we went all the way from caltrain station south of market street to pier 39 through chinatown.
this shows a picture of chinatown where lots of flea markets and jewelers.

and at pier 39 we took a picture of the californian sea lions. for some reason there were just lying there and doing nothing.

the next two pictures show sebastian and myself. in the background there ist the golden gate bridge.

and, alcatraz, every good tourist should have seen ;)

the "bad" guy and the "good" guy :)


At 1:44 AM, Anonymous Richi said...

Hey Ihr,

schön zu sehen, dass es euch gut geht.
Wünsche euch viel Spass.



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