Thursday, March 30, 2006

the first days

everthing starts with the company and the people that works behind these walls....

a friend, sebastian, and myself are becoming interns at the big blue company in the united states. originally we are from germany. we arrived in san francisco at march 27th. at san francisco we rented a car (seen right, ours is NOT the white one ;) ).

our car

in SJ driving around

finally we arrived at san jose, california three days ago. fortunately we could stay at another friends home.
the next day we tried to get a home on ourselfs and soon the words credibility and deposit became our nightmares. since we are germans we needed to get adjusted to this.
but soon this was getting ridiculus. i have a contract for a mobile with a big magenta-colored company and here they refused a contract because i am not credibile. now obviously i am credible in germany but in here you aren't. they wanted a deposit over 500 bucks. either you have tons of money or you are a us citizen. otherwise you can't do anything.
Either way i have heard that establishing a good credability takes almost the whole life. but when you have credit or credit nobody tells you. the checkup on the credibility is some remote program that the firms run and then the output is some number or something. this is all real mysterious.
anyway we found, after two days of search, an apartment and hopefully everything (like the telephone and dsl) will get set up nicely.

another thing that struck at us is that at some malls people were just hanging out and doing nothing. there were just standing there and most of those people seemed to be mexican. that reminded us of the game "gta: san andreas" where the gang members were also hanging out and doing nothing. so we were giving them the name homies. in some forum somebody said they were waiting for work but for what work? i think nobody would come up to the group of those people and give them something to do. its real weird. the homies

the next thing that had our attention was the pure size of some cars and how they looked. we guessed that probably half of them wouldn't stand a inspection by the german tüv. huge cars, tons of foils on the windows of the cars.

the huge cars

really surprising was the fact that in one moment you are in some kind of, well not too good, neighborhood and in the next you are downtown with skyscrapers, all in 100 meters.


and neighborhood

when renting an apartment you will need a deposit and since we are not credible we have to pay a fulls month's rent as deposit. normally that would be between $600 and $800 for a two bedroom apartment. this desposit has to be some kind of special check, for example a cashiers check. fortunately we were able to set up a checkin bank account (now whatever that means, the name doesn't say anything but our earned money we be administered there or is supposed to be.). while this we got taken pictures from us for the atm card (thats in germany an ec card). but sebastian's picture wouldn't come out right somehow. the camera was defect. then we wanted the special check and there the printer for the check didn't work right from the terminal the bank employee was working on. what does that mean?

however the biggest disappointsment was the weather. we expected sun and we got rain as you may see on the pictures. everybody expects sun and high temperatures but its raining all day at least once since we are here....

we hope that changes real quick and probably when the sun is finally coming out we will have to work and sit in the building. as usual.

tomorrow we finally move into our own apartment and we won't have internet access from there right now. so hopefully everything works out as planned.


At 8:51 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

hey honey,

how are you sunshine?

today cinema is planed with katrin, watching "the hills have eyes" :o).

i miss you pretty much and i always have to think of you. hopefully you too.

in love, knuffo

At 8:54 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

hey this was your first comment

*proudly looking* :oP



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